Reserved Defined Words

Word Function
fo Terminates an adjective block
tu Converts an adjective block or sentence to a noun
to Terminates ‘tu’

Word Classes for Undefined Words

Word Class Description
Noun A thing
Verb An action, state, or occurrence
Adjective A descriptor of a noun or verb
Modifier A word modifying an adjective
Converter Converts a noun to an adjective that conveys a relationship to the noun

List of Syntactic Constructions

Adjective Phrase

An adjective phrase conveys a single attribute or relationship of a noun or verb. It can come in either of the following forms, both of which optionally end with a single modifier.

adjective (modifier)

converter noun-phrase (modifier)

Adjective Block

An adjective block is a set of one or more adjective phrases joined together. This construction may immediately follow the noun or verb in noun and verb phrases respectively. An adjective block may be explicitly terminated using fo. This is often necessary when an adjective phrase formed through conversion is followed by another adjective phrase. For example:

converter noun-phrase fo adjective

If the fo in this example was omitted, the final adjective would become a part of the converted noun phrase’s adjective block rather than the top-level adjective block.


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