A library for chest X-ray datasets and models. Including pre-trainined models.

This code is still under development

Getting started

pip install torchxrayvision

import torchxrayvision as xrv

These are default pathologies:


 'Lung Lesion',
 'Lung Opacity',
 'Enlarged Cardiomediastinum']


Specify weights for pretrained models (currently all DenseNet121)
Note: Each pretrained model has 18 outputs. The all model has every output trained. However, for the other weights some targets are not trained and will predict randomly becuase they do not exist in the training dataset. The only valid outputs are listed in the field {dataset}.pathologies on the dataset that corresponds to the weights.

model = xrv.models.DenseNet(weights="all")
model = xrv.models.DenseNet(weights="kaggle")
model = xrv.models.DenseNet(weights="nih")
model = xrv.models.DenseNet(weights="chex")
model = xrv.models.DenseNet(weights="minix_nb")
model = xrv.models.DenseNet(weights="minix_ch")


transform = torchvision.transforms.Compose([xrv.datasets.XRayCenterCrop(),

d_kaggle = xrv.datasets.Kaggle_Dataset(imgpath="path to stage_2_train_images_jpg",
d_chex = xrv.datasets.CheX_Dataset(imgpath="path to CheXpert-v1.0-small",
                                   csvpath="path to CheXpert-v1.0-small/train.csv",

d_nih = xrv.datasets.NIH_Dataset(imgpath="path to NIH images")

d_nih2 = xrv.datasets.NIH_Google_Dataset(imgpath="path to NIH images")

d_pc = xrv.datasets.PC_Dataset(imgpath="path to image folder")

d_covid19 = xrv.datasets.COVID19_Dataset() # specify imgpath and csvpath for the dataset

dataset tools

relabel_dataset will align labels to have the same order as the pathologies argument.

xrv.datasets.relabel_dataset(xrv.datasets.default_pathologies , d_nih) # has side effects


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TorchXrayVision: A library of chest X-ray datasets and models., 2020


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