this is a lite easy to use virtual keyboard project for anyone to use


I made this for this year’s recruitment for RobEn AAST club

How to use:

Step 1:

I recommend that you setup a virtual environment using anaconda or python venv

conda create -n env_name python=3.6

Step 2:

activate the environment using the following command

conda activate env_name

Step 3:

you should clone the repository if you haven’t already using the following command or just by installing the project directly

git clone

Step 4:

install the requirements from the requirements.txt file by typing the following command in the terminal

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 5:

now we’re done with the setup you can now use the virtual keyboard by typing this command in the terminal


Some notes about the keyboard:

these are the points that the hand tracking actually tracks

Mediapipe hand tracking

A button is selected when the point number 8 is in the same location which is shown by the button getting visibly darker but in order to register a button press you should connect your thumb with your index finger basically connecting point 8 with point 4 which would make this gesture for obvious reasons

Button press gesture

it is also worth noting that this works as a real keyboard so you have to write in something in order for you to use




all of the hand tracking was thanks to the google Mediapipe library

also you should check the

and support Murtaza Hassan since I basically made my version of his project


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