music bot

A music bot for Discord Servers


  • Play songs in your discord server
  • Get the lyrics without going on a web explorer


Command Paramemeter Description
!play youtube_link or query Directly plays from youtube link or search up a song
!lyrics Displays current song lyrics
!pause Pauses the song
!resume Resume the song
!stats Displays stats of youtube video (Likes, Views, etc)
!disconnect Disconnects bot from the voice channel


  • Queue system
  • Edge cases for commands
  • Optimize code, make it run faster
  • Parse YouTube Titles better
  • Search on other websites like
  • Seperate classes, functions, etc into files

Run Locally

Clone the project

  git clone

Go to the project directory

  cd my-project

Create a .env file, add Discord Bot Token and Genius Token.

GENIUS_TOKEN=genius token

Run (python3.10)


Make sure you invite the bot to your server! With that being said, go to your discord server and try it out!


Contributions are always welcome! Make a pull request!


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