A numpy-based implementation of RANSAC for fundamental matrix and homography estimation.

The degeneracy updating and local optimization components are included and optional.

Since the only dependency is numpy, it should be very easy to install, debug and understand the code.


Since the core functions are dependent solely on numpy, one only requires to add src files into system path to invoke RANSAC.

The file is given to show a simple example of fundamental matrix and homography estimation.

Note that scipy and opencv-python packages are additionally required to run the demo.


The draw back of this repo is that it can be a bit slow, taking a few seconds when the data is challenging. But the accuracy is somewhat satisfying.

Below is the comparison result of npRANSAC (this repo) and several state-of-the-art robust estimators from the renowned image matching benchmark (

The test sequences in the figure are reichstag, sacre coeur and st peters square from Phototourism dataset. The competitors follow the recommended parameter settings as in

Basically in the experiment npRANSAC has the same parameters as DEGENSAC, except that the maximum iteration number is set to 10k for npRANSAC (the other methods have much higher numbers).



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