Self-Hosted Home Security Camera System

A privacy-focused, intelligent security camera system.


  • Multi-camera support w/ minimal configuration. Supports USB cameras and the Raspberry Pi camera module.
  • Motion detection that automatically saves videos and lets you view them in the web app.
  • Encrypted in transit, both from the cameras to the server and the server to your browser.
  • Self-Hosted
  • Free and Open Source

Example screenshots

Setting up the server


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Generate SSL certificates: ./ Alternatively, you may place your own certs in the certs dir
  3. Build and run the docker containers: API_URL=<server-hostname:server-port> docker-compose up -d --build. For example, if the API was running on the host sec-cam-server and port 8444, you should use API_URL=sec-cam-server:8444

Adding a camera


NOTE: These instructions assume you are deploying to a raspberry pi running Raspbian OS.

  1. Install the python3-opencv package and dependencies: sudo apt-get install python3-opencv libatlas-base-dev
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Install the package: cd backend && python3 -m pip install .[streamer]. If you are using the Raspberry Pi camera module, run cd backend && python3 -m pip install .[streamer,picam].
  4. Update --server_url in to point at the host you deployed the server to.
  5. In the Web UI, you should see live video from that camera.


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