A Python library to easy the integration with the Beem Africa SMS Gateway.

Features to be Implemented

  • [x] Airtime
  • [x] OTP
  • [x] SMS
  • [ ] Two way SMS
  • [ ] USSD
  • [ ] Bpay

Getting started

To get started with exploring beem-africa you can either clone the repository or install directly from pip (pre-release is already deployed)

Installing from pip

pip install beem-africa

Installing directly from github

git clone
cd python-client
python install


The first thing you need to do before calling module in the beem-africa app is authorize our app with access key and secret key which can be obtained as you signup for beem-official website.

Do this to Authenticate !!

>>> from BeemAfrica import Authorize, AirTime, OTP, SMS
>>> Authorize('access-key', 'secret-key')

Sending SMS with BeemAfrica

To send SMS with beem africa now made easy, you can use single method to send single and multiple messages at once.

Here how you would send a single SMS with beem-africa, Note that I'm assuming you have already entered the correct access-key and secret-key

>>> SMS.send_sms('hello pythonista', '255xxxxxxxxxx')
{'successful': True, 'request_id': 35918915, 'code': 100, 'message': 'Message Submitted Successfully', 'valid': 1, 'invalid': 0, 'duplicates': 0}

The above example is that I'm assuming you're using default BeemAfrica sender ID to use yours just do this instead;

>>> SMS.send_sms(
        'You\'re now verified',

{'successful': True, 'request_id': 35918915, 'code': 100, 'message': 'Message Submitted Successfully', 'valid': 1, 'invalid': 0, 'duplicates': 0}

You can also schedule message to be sent after a certain time or at a specific time to do that together with new sender_id, do this instead !!

>>> SMS.send_sms(
        'You have won a 10 Million', 
        schedule_time='scheduled time'
{'successful': True, 'request_id': 35918915, 'code': 100, 'message': 'Message Submitted Successfully', 'valid': 1, 'invalid': 0, 'duplicates': 0}

Also instead of sending to one recipient per time you can send an SMS to Multiple clients at Once you just have to twist the send_sms() to look like this;

>>> SMS.send_sms('my-message', ['2557xxxxxx', '2557xxxxxx'])

Verifying One Time password with BeemAfrica

Apart from just sending SMS, Beem also provides OTP Services for One Time password verification system that is expected to be expired after a certain time that has been specified.

You can also use OTP to do 2-factor-authentication system to your app/website, Beem will generate a random OTP for you and provide you an endpoint to verify it.

Here how to send OTP with Beem !!

>>> OTP.send_otp('2557xxxxxx')
{'data': {'pinId': '4a5c2141-c965-4a9d-aca4-54f58063e831', 'message': {'code': 100, 'message': 'SMS sent successfully'}}}

To verify the OTP send to user do this !!

Note: Use pin_id from response you just recieve while sending an OTP and the PIN sent to user phone to verify the OTP, its going to look like this !!

>>> OTP.verify(pin_id='4a5c2141-c965-4a9d-aca4-54f58063e831', pin='122496')
{'data': {'message': {'code': 117, 'message': 'Valid Pin'}}}


BeemAfrica also provide interface to interact with AirTime allowing you to easily transfer AirTime from BeemAfrica Credit to customer mobile !!

Here how to Transfer AirTime to customer mobile with Beem Africa !!

>>> AirTime.transfer_airtime('255757294146', 100)
{'code': 200, 'transaction_id': 1619484193194, 'message': 'Disbursement is in progress'}

By doing that now after few seconds check AirTime balance on mobile and it going to increase by +100 .

You can also check balance of remaining credit balance by doing this

>>> AirTime.get_credit_balance()
{'data': {'credit_bal': '708.0357'}}

Well these are the only implemented features by now !