This is a Python Module For Encryption, Hashing And Other Basic Stuff You Need, With Secure Encryption And Strong Salted Hashing You Can Do Whatever You Want To


EnroCrypt Is Avaliable On PyPi You Can Install It As Follows:

pip install -U enrocrypt

Manual Installation

If For Some Reason You Can't Install EnroCrypt From PyPi You Can Download It Manually Too:

  • Clone This Repo
  • Cut-Paste This Repo In Your Python Scripts Path
  • Enter In The Folder Where You See "setup.py" file
  • shift+right click in the Folder And Click On "Open Powershell window Here"
  • Type python setup.py install

    After Following All The Steps Mentioned Above (If You Don't Get An Error) EnroCrypt Is Installed, Now You Can Import It Right Away


  • Strong Encryption
  • Strong Salted Hashing
  • File Encryption-Decryption
  • Some Basic Functions


    # For Encryption
    import enrocrypt
    value = enrocrypt.encryption.Encrypt(b'text')
    # For Decryption
    original_value = enrocrypt.encryption.DecryptList(value)

There Is Also a DecryptFunction, But In This Function You Have To Enter The Key And The Data Seperatly