The purpose of this script is to brute-force guess the passwords to Instagram accounts.


  • Comes with 2 separate modes including a combination hack where you may know a username and not the password, as well as a random guessing approach for both usernames and passwords.
  • The option to use a proxy is included. Update proxy.txt with your proxy.
  • The combination option will require adding in a combination file with the username details you may already know.
  • This will return whether an account is already banned or not.
  • This can be run from any Python-enabled device and against any device that can use Instagram including mobile devices.

These tools and any variations made from them are solely to be used for ethical and/or legal purposes in all jurisdiction where all prior permissions are expressly given including the account owner(s) that may be on the receiving end of the operations of this script and any actions coming from this script therein. The author(s) of this tool as per this Github repository are NOT responsible for any misuse of this tool, any abuse of any terms of services or agreements that may come from products this tool is used against, and the author(s) are released from all liability of the use of this tool including misuse, abuse, and illegal uses. Michael Mooney and any contributor (employed or legaly recognized by Michael Mooney or any companies owned or operated by Michael Mooney) to these tools as listed remains free of liability of any abuse of these tools, the code therin, and/or any variation of them in any way. Michael Mooney’s official release of any of these tools or the code therein is strictly to be used for educational or professional, contracted purposes and should never be used for illegal or illict actions under any circumstance.


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