This is a rip off of the classical iPhone Calculator . This project has been made with PyQT5

Pre-Installation Dependencies :

Before installing , run the following command in CMD : pip install PyQt5

Installtion :

Download the file as zip , extract all its contents to the same folder , and run the file named iphone.py

Features :

Yeah well , its a regular calculator . Nothing much different about it
PS : To close the calculator , type close in the calculator textbox and press the = button on the calculator

Limitations :

While making it as close to the iPhone Calculator possible , i had to use the eval() function , which has a history of not going down well with decimals . So , sometimes in decimal calculations , the answer will have a lot of trailing zeroes . In the future I will most likely switch to theDecimal Module to resolve this problem . Till then , one can only cope :/

Screenshot :

Made With Python 3.6.8 and works with Python 3.x