This is a sample project needed for a security course to “connect web service to database”.

Why this project suits alignment purpose

It connects to the PostgreSQL database with basic authentication.
On this web server, you can make a gateway with Nginx It would be better if you do it in the
docker network without so web app would not have internet access, and it would be a true gateway.
But easier is to send requests to localhost:8000 from Nginx.

How to start web app

It would be much easier with docker. Just run docker compose up (or docker-compose up if you have an older version).
The server will start on http://localhost:8000, and it will be also available from the network. If you want to disable it
just modify Dockerfile in the last row from to localhost:8000, and rebuild containers if you started them
already docker compose up --build.

How to log in admin panel

localhost:8000/admin – authentication page
Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 21 50 16
You need to enter the container and create user (you can see how to do this on screenshot)

Also, you can install manually

pip install poetry
poetry install
# start database
# modify src/secufaku/ and set user, password for database
python src/ runserver


You are recommended to modify docker-compose.yml environment variables for the database and in python block too.


Since I was in hurry and was not in a mood to fix static files in docker. Please don’t judge me for that ?.
You can do this if you want. Just make a pull request!


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