Cutoff: A Simple Data Augmentation Approach for Natural Language

This repository contains source code necessary to reproduce the results presented in the following paper:

This project is maintained by Dinghan Shen. Feel free to contact [email protected] for any relevant issues.

Natural Language Undertanding (e.g. GLUE tasks, etc.)


  • CUDA, cudnn
  • Python 3.7
  • PyTorch 1.4.0


  1. Install Huggingface Transformers according to the instructions here:

  2. Download the datasets from the GLUE benchmark:

    python --data_dir glue_data --tasks all

  3. Fine-tune the RoBERTa-base or RoBERTa-large model with the Cutoff data augmentation strategies:

    chmod +x

Options: different settings and hyperparameters can be selected and specified in the script:

  • do_aug: whether augmented examples are used for training.
  • aug_type: the specific strategy to synthesize Cutoff samples, which can be chosen from: 'span_cutoff', 'token_cutoff' and 'dim_cutoff'.
  • aug_cutoff_ratio: the ratio corresponding to the span length, token number or number of dimensions to be cut.
  • aug_ce_loss: the coefficient for the cross-entropy loss over the cutoff examples.
  • aug_js_loss: the coefficient for the Jensen-Shannon (JS) Divergence consistency loss over the cutoff examples.
  • TASK_NAME: the downstream GLUE task for fine-tuning.
  • model_name_or_path: the pre-trained for initialization (both RoBERTa-base or RoBERTa-large models are supported).
  • output_dir: the folder results being saved to.

Natural Language Generation (e.g. Translation, etc.)

Please refer to Neural Machine Translation with Data Augmentation for more details

IWSLT'14 German to English (Transformers)

Task Setting Approach BLEU
iwslt14 de-en transformer-small w/o cutoff 36.2
iwslt14 de-en transformer-small w/ cutoff 37.6

WMT'14 English to German (Transformers)

Task Setting Approach BLEU
wmt14 en-de transformer-base w/o cutoff 28.6
wmt14 en-de transformer-base w/ cutoff 29.1
wmt14 en-de transformer-big w/o cutoff 29.5
wmt14 en-de transformer-big w/ cutoff 30.3


Please cite our paper in your publications if it helps your research:

  title={A Simple but Tough-to-Beat Data Augmentation Approach for Natural Language Understanding and Generation},
  author={Shen, Dinghan and Zheng, Mingzhi and Shen, Yelong and Qu, Yanru and Chen, Weizhu},
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