A Simple File Encryptor/Decryptor

This has been made for educational reasons only, any constructive criticism/advice/comments are welcome! Also, please report any issues you see in this project!

Usage: [-h] [-e] [-d] -k KEY [-f FILE_OP] [-o OUTPUT] [action] [file]

Positional arguments:

action: Action: either Encryption or Decryption, if the key is not specified the program will generate a random key and print it out.

file: Encrypted/decrypted file input


-h, –help show this help message and exit
-e Alias for encrypt.
-d Alias for decrypt.
-k KEY, –key KEY Encryption/decryption key
-f FILE_OP, –file FILE_OP Encrypted/decrypted file.
-o OUTPUT, –output OUTPUT Encrypted/decrypted output (default is stdout if no output is specified).


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