A very impractical 3D rendering engine that runs in the python terminal. do NOT try to run this program using the standard python IDE as it does not use ANSI escape codes. If your terminal of choice does not support ANSI escape codes it will also break in the same way.

ONLY ON VERSIONS BEFORE 0.1.3: Due to the time it takes to use the print command, sometimes the screen will refresh while the program is in the process of clearing and redrawing the screen. this causes the screen to flash rapidly and the effect worsens the higher your refresh rate is. At 60Hz it isn’t that bad, but I would still be careful running this if you suffer from any conditions that cause light sensitivity.

NOTES: if you want to use your own models with this program you must export them without normals but with UVs included. if you’re using blender, when exporting make sure to click on the “Geometry” tab in the exporting menue, check the “Triangulate faces” option, and un-check the “Write normals” option. It should now load correctly.

Thanks for checking this out!

-E. Parker


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