SeedSigner Emulator

Allows to execute SeedSigner air-gapped hardware wallet in your desktop (windows/linux/mac)

How it works

I made a new display driver that replaces the existing SeedSigner ST7789 1.3 driver, making possible to execute the device in a desktop enviroment.

Use it with the integrated buttons or with your keyboard ( Arrow Keys, Enter, 1,2,3 )

I have tried to make it as non-invasive as possible so that the emulator can be used with other versions of Seedsigner with as little effort as possible.

Launch from source

1- Clone SeedSigner repository

git clone
cd seedsigner/src

2- Convert it into a desktop application

Option 1

Download the contents from this respository Seedsigner emulator (.zip) and merge the contents of the folder

with the existing seedsigner content you cloned in step 1.


Option 2

using command line

git clone
rsync -a seedsigner-emulator/seedsigner ./

3- Install the following requeriments:

python3 -m pip install --upgrade Pillow
python3 -m pip install --upgrade setuptools
sudo apt-get install python3-tk
sudo apt install libzbar0
pip3 install git+[email protected]
pip3 install embit dataclasses pyzbar qrcode tk

4- Launch the emulator


Making a standalone executable ( Optional )

You’ll need to install PYinstaller to be able to generate an executable for your OS.

pip3 install pyinstaller

go to your proyect main forlder where stands and execute the following command

pyinstaller --clean --add-data seedsigner\\resources;seedsigner\\resources

If you found an error unable to execute command pyinstaller try using the following command

python3 -m pyinstaller --clean --add-data seedsigner\\resources;seedsigner\\resources

Note: I’ll upload releases for linux and windows

🔒 Security tips

  • Don’t use it on an online computer
  • Use only the source code downloaded o cloned directly from the main SeedSigner repository
  • SeedSigner Emulator only redirects inputs and display calls from SeedSigner code to this Emulator drivers, you can check it making a diff to compare hardware and gui directories and files.

Pending Tasks

  • Fix screen saver
  • Fix keyboard capture on Linux (on windows works ok)
  • Allow desktop webcam
  • Test command to make a one file standalone executable

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