AutomaTik Installation

AutomaTik is an automation system for MikroTik devices with simplicity and security in mind. Winbox is the main tool for MikroTik management, but it can be overwhelming for beginners. AutomaTik will help you configure your MikroTik device easily.

Check out AutomaTik web site for more information and documentation

Please remember AutomaTik is still in beta. I would appreciate if you could raise issues here if you run into problems.



  • Clone this repo.

git clone

Create .env file

pip install poetry
cd automatik_installation
poetry shell
poetry install
mkdir config
touch config/

Start containers

docker-compose up -d mongo redis influxdb minio vault

InfluxDB Configuration

Minio Configuration

Run Setup Script


Start Containers

docker-compose up -d fastapi sio worker beat frontend

Web interface

Create an entry in /etc/hosts on your computer.

Add if AutomaTik is installed on same device. If you have installed AutomaTik on a server, instead of use server IP address.

Open page My AutomaTik Login

Login Page


Depending on the number of managed routers, you may want to have more worker containers.

To get 2 worker containers, you can use following command:

docker-compose scale worker=2