First steps towards Deep Learning with pyTorch

This is an open sourced book on deep learning. This book is supposed to be non mathematical and cater the readers who have no experience with deep learning and very less mathematical knowledge or interest. This book is meant to help readers take their "First Step" towards Deep Learning.


  • [x] Chapter - 1 Understanding Artificial Neural Networks
  • [x] Chapter - 2 Introduction to pyTorch
  • [x] Chapter - 3 How to make a computer see?
  • [ ] Chapter - 4 How to make a computer remember stuff?
  • [x] Chapter - 5 Where to go from here?

How can you contribute?

  • You can contribute by creating better image assests.
  • You can add better explanations to the topics.
  • You can add working google colab notebooks.
  • You can add more pytorch examples for beginners.

Feel free to raise PR and contribute.

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