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Animates a long screenshot into a GIF

Animates a long screenshot into a GIF


Animates a long screenshot into a GIF. Use it to show off long screenshots in your GitHub README.


$ pip install anishot


$ anishot
  --h: Window height
    (default: '0')
    (an integer)
  --inp: Input screenshot image
  --maxspeed: Max speed on scroll px/frame
    (default: '200')
    (an integer)
  --out: Output antimated GIF
  --pad: Padding on sides
    (default: '0')
    (an integer)
  --rgb_bg: Background color
    (default: '#ffffff')
  --rgb_outline: Screenshot outline color
    (default: '#e1e4e8')
  --rgb_shadow: Screenshot shadow color
    (default: '#999999')
  --rgb_window: Window outline color
    (default: '#e1e4e8')
  --shadow_size: Shadow size
    (default: '0')
    (an integer)
  --start_scale: Start scale
    (default: '0.5')
    (a number)
  --stops: List of stops for scrolling
    (default: '')
    (a comma separated list)
  --zoom_steps: Number of steps on initial zoom in
    (default: '7')
    (an integer)
  --zoom_to: Point to zoom to
    (default: '0')
    (an integer)

The anishot at the top of this README was generated by:
anishot --inp=anishot.png --out=anishot.gif --h=450 --stops=290,640,940 --zoom_to=150 --start_scale=.7

You can also experiment with styles. For example, you can go for a retro look:

anishot --inp=anishot.png --out=anishot.gif --h=450 --stops=290,640,940 --zoom_to=150 --start_scale=.7 --pad=50 --shadow_size=5 --rgb_bg=#cccccc --rgb_window=#666666

retro look