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This is an anime face detector using
and mmpose.

(To avoid copyright issues, the above demo uses images generated by the
TADNE model.)

The model detects near-frontal anime faces and predicts 28 landmark points.

The result of k-means clustering of landmarks detected in real images:

The mean images of real images belonging to each cluster:


pip install openmim
mim install mmcv-full
mim install mmdet
mim install mmpose

pip install anime-face-detector

This package is tested only on Ubuntu.


Open In Colab

import cv2

from anime_face_detector import create_detector

detector = create_detector('yolov3')
image = cv2.imread('assets/input.jpg')
preds = detector(image)

{'bbox': array([2.2450244e+03, 1.5940223e+03, 2.4116030e+03, 1.7458063e+03,
        9.9987185e-01], dtype=float32),
 'keypoints': array([[2.2593938e+03, 1.6680436e+03, 9.3236601e-01],
        [2.2825300e+03, 1.7051841e+03, 8.7208068e-01],
        [2.3412151e+03, 1.7281011e+03, 1.0052248e+00],
        [2.3941377e+03, 1.6825046e+03, 5.9705663e-01],
        [2.4039426e+03, 1.6541921e+03, 8.7139702e-01],
        [2.2625220e+03, 1.6330233e+03, 9.7608268e-01],
        [2.2804077e+03, 1.6408495e+03, 1.0021354e+00],
        [2.2969380e+03, 1.6494972e+03, 9.7812974e-01],
        [2.3357908e+03, 1.6453258e+03, 9.8418534e-01],
        [2.3475276e+03, 1.6355408e+03, 9.5060223e-01],
        [2.3612463e+03, 1.6262626e+03, 9.0553057e-01],
        [2.2682278e+03, 1.6631940e+03, 9.5465249e-01],
        [2.2814783e+03, 1.6616484e+03, 9.0782022e-01],
        [2.2987590e+03, 1.6692812e+03, 9.0256405e-01],
        [2.2833625e+03, 1.6879142e+03, 8.0303693e-01],
        [2.2934949e+03, 1.6909009e+03, 8.9718056e-01],
        [2.3021218e+03, 1.6863715e+03, 9.3882143e-01],
        [2.3471826e+03, 1.6636573e+03, 9.5727938e-01],
        [2.3677822e+03, 1.6540554e+03, 9.4890594e-01],
        [2.3889211e+03, 1.6611255e+03, 9.5125675e-01],
        [2.3575544e+03, 1.6800433e+03, 8.5919142e-01],
        [2.3688926e+03, 1.6800665e+03, 8.3275074e-01],
        [2.3804905e+03, 1.6761322e+03, 8.4160626e-01],
        [2.3165366e+03, 1.6947096e+03, 9.1840971e-01],
        [2.3282458e+03, 1.7104808e+03, 8.8045174e-01],
        [2.3380054e+03, 1.7114034e+03, 8.8357794e-01],
        [2.3485500e+03, 1.7080273e+03, 8.6284375e-01],
        [2.3378748e+03, 1.7118135e+03, 9.7880816e-01]], dtype=float32)}

Pretrained models

Here are the pretrained models.
(They will be automatically downloaded when you use them.)

Demo (using Gradio)

Hugging Face Spaces

Run locally

pip install gradio
git clone
cd anime-face-detector




Anime face detection

Anime face landmark detection



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