Ask for weather information like a human.


Understand typical questions like:

  • Hourly temperatures in Potsdam on 2020-09-15.
  • Rain probability tomorrow in Berlin.
  • Will it rain next week?
  • Wird es morgen heiss?
  • Wird es morgen regnen?
  • Ist es morgen regnerisch?


This is just a humble evaluation for parsing human-readable sentences into a
structured type in order to be passed on to a weather data acquisition library
like Wetterdienst_. Currently, this is not implemented yet.

For the NLP_ task, the program evaluates the fine Python libraries spaCy_
and Flair_.

As this is project is in its early stages, contributions are very welcome.
Specifically, it would be sweet to see tests for languages other than English
or German.



make setup

Run tests


make test



source .venv/bin/activate

# English
python Snow depth on Zugspitze
python Sunshine in Kharagpur
python Rain in Chengdu
python Temperature in Nanchang
python Particulates in Stuttgart on 2020-09-17
python hourly temperatures in Potsdam on 2020-09-15
python maximum temperature in Munich tomorrow

# German
python Sonnenschein auf Helgoland
python Ozonwerte in Freiburg
python Nebel im Taunus
python Feinstaub in Stuttgart am 17.09.2020
python Stuendliche Temperaturen in Berlin, gestern um 23:00 Uhr
python Berliner Temperaturen um 11:00 Uhr
python Taegliche Berliner Temperaturen im Juli
python Berliner Tagestemperatur um 11:00 Uhr
python Berliner Tagestemperaturen um 11:00 Uhr

# Chinese
python 成都的雨
python 南昌的温度
python 南昌明天的温度
python 2020年9月17日南昌市的温度

# Hindi
python खड़गपुर में बारिश
python खड़गपुर में धूप
python कल खड़गपुर में धूप
python 2020-09-17 को खड़गपुर में धूप


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