After any event, sending certificates to attendees or participants is very frustrating & difficult task. So, this is where Certificate Launchpad comes in! Certificate Launchpad simplifies the process of sending Bulk Custom Certificates to Bulk Emails of Participants.



Getting Started

  • Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/dhanrajdc7/Certificate-Launchpad
  • Suggested IDE: JetBrains PyCharm IDE
  • Install all dependencies from requirements.txt by using pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Copy .env.sample and rename it .env using
    • copy .env.sample .env on Windows
    • cp env.sample .env on Unix-based Operating systems

Setting Up Gmail

  • Sign In -> Select Manage your Google Account -> Go to Security -> Turn on Less secure app access
  • Add your Email ID & Password in .env
  • SMTP Gmail Daily Limit - 1000
  • Add Subject & Body in .env


  • Add Attendees/Participant Data in Excel Sheet in above format & Modify Name of file in .env
Dhanraj Chavan [email protected]

Certificate Template

  • Import your Certificate Template to project directory
  • Rename template name Or Change template name in .env

Adding Name to Certificate


  • Identify the Starting Point in your Certificate Template & Add it in .env
  • If the name length is larger than 20, then the name will be converted to shortened form.

All Set

  • Run the code to send certificates to mails
  • Wrong or Incorrect emails will be printed at the end