VaxFinder - Backend

The backend for the Vaccine Hunters Finder tool.



  1. Python 3.8
  2. Poetry: A tool for dependency management and packaging.
  3. Access to VaxFinder's Microsoft SQL Server database hosted on Azure. Please message Patrick or Evan for access.


  1. Install the unixODBC library if you are on a linux environment as it's required for pyodbc (hence aioodbc). You can install it using your package manager, for example:

    $ sudo apt-get install unixodbc
    $ sudo apt-get install unixodbc-dev
  2. Install Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server: Windows | Mac | Linux

  3. Set up a VSCode MyPy Language Server (Optional)

    On macOS or Linux:

    $ python -m venv ~/.mypyls
    $ ~/.mypyls/bin/pip install "[default-mypy]"

    On Windows:

    $ python -m venv %USERPROFILE%\.mypyls
    $ %USERPROFILE%\.mypyls\Scripts\pip install "[default-mypy]"

    Install the mypy extension in VS Code (or reload the window if the extension is already installed).

  4. Install all python dependencies with Poetry.

    $ poetry install

Running the Server

  1. Spawn a shell within a virtual environment.

    $ poetry shell

    All python dependencies should be installed within the virtual environment from the previous step.

  2. Run the server on port 8007 from the root of the project within the shell.

    $ DB_URL={DATABASE_URL} python -m app.main

Pre-commit Hooks

Pre-commit hooks helps identify simple issues in code before it's committed into Git. At the moment, isort and black are the only hooks that are set up.

Install the git hook scripts

$ pre-commit install

Temporarily Disabling hooks

It's possible to disable hooks temporarily, but it isn't recommended.

$ SKIP=isort,black git commit -m <message>