Build documentation in multiple repos into one site.


Install plugin using pip:

pip install git+

Next, add the plugin to your mkdocs.yml

  - multirepo

The plugin introduces the !import statement in your config’s nav section. You can now use the import statement to add a documentation section, where the docs are pulled from the source repo.

nav takes precedence over repos (see below).

  - Home: ''
  - MicroService: '!import{user}/{repo name}@{branch}'

If you’d prefer MkDocs to build the site nav based on the directory structure, you can define your other repos within the plugins section.

  - multirepo:
      cleanup: True # (optional) tells multirepo to cleanup the temporary directory where other repo docs are imported to
      folder_name: multirepo_docs # (optional) tells multirepo what the temp directory should be called
        - section: Backstage
          import_url: ''
        - section: Monorepo
          import_url: ''
        - section: 'Techdocs-cli'
          import_url: '[email protected]'


  • If both repos and nav is specified in mkdocs.yml, repos are ignored.


  • Add tests (no one will use it if it isn’t tested well).
  • Add Linux support
    • Looks like git clone --sparse doesn’t work with urls on Linux make sure git version is up to date
  • Figure out how tech writers can develop on local copies of repos and see changes in the site before pushing. Maybe using symbolic links.


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