How to install

  1. You must have python 3.7.6 installed and make sure you click the ‘ADD TO PATH’ option when installing
  2. Open cmd and type pip install aiohttp
  3. Add the usernames that you want to have checked in usernames.txt, please do not add a lot of usernames because you will be ratelimited and the tool will become inaccurate.
  4. CD to the directory that the file is in and type python to start
  5. Upon completion, a text file named available.txt will be created with the available usernames


This tool can be inaccurate at times because it does not use Instagram’s api, it just checks if the username’s url is invalid or not This tool should only be used for educational purposes and I will not take responsibility for any damage caused when using this tool


GitHub - 7qo/instagram-username-checker at
Checks instagram names to see if they’re available - GitHub - 7qo/instagram-username-checker at