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Convert Images into ASCII Art with the power of Python

Convert Images into ASCII Art with the power of Python


Convert Images into ASCII Art with the power of Python.



ASCIIFY is a python script that takes in as input an image, and returns a text output that resembles the input image.
In other words, it replicates an image with certain characters.

How ASCIIFY works

ASCIIFY works in a rather simple and intuitive way.
Here's the algorithm -

  • Resize the image to a standard dimension, while maintaining aspect ratio
  • Convert to grayscale (the reason for doing so is because characters are replaced based on their intensity)
  • Create list of special characters to replace pixels with
  • Classify and divide pixels into buckets or groups, based on their intensity
  • Replace all pixels in a bucket with the corresponding special character
  • Print the text into terminal or write into a file
  • Profit!

How to use ASCIIFY

  • Ensure you have the required dependency "PIL" for Python installed. (pip install pillow)
  • Clone the repo
  • Run the python script, and pass the image path as the parameter
  • The script will print the output in the terminal, and will also write into a file 'img.txt' in the same directory as the python script
  • Profit!

Future Plans

  • Alternatively support colored outputs by printing the text onto an image

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