Covid-19 Test AI (Deep Learning – NNs) Software

I developed a segmentation algorithm to understand whether Covid-19 Test Photos are positive or negative. I created the model with great precision. Sometimes I trained twice (piece by piece), sometimes once. I save the output of both in .txt file and share with you. I would be pleased to present this project to open source. I hope it has become a software that can be used in the field of health and artificial intelligence.

I can say that it has the features of a software that can detect Covid-19 in real time. In this way, it can be determined that the covid is positive or negative with the image processing + segmentation rule thanks to artificial intelligence without PCR testing.

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Emirhan BULUT

Artificial Intelligence – Deep Learning Engineer

Data Source: DataSource
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Python 3.9.6

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Covid 19 Test - AI Software - Emirhan BULUT

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Name-Surname: Emirhan BULUT

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