A simple Discord scraper for discord bots. That includes sending a guild’s members ids to a file, Mass inviter for joining servers your bot is in, and Fetching all the servers of the bot (w/MemberCount) to the console. This is written python so install python to make it work.


Install all the modules from requirements.txt in this repo.

  1. line 27: Replace
    with your discord bot’s token.
  2. line 28: Replace
    with your discord id of the account that you want to get dmed with important info.

NOTE: There is no external data sharing in this repo.

Extra help

If the Scraping of the guild members doesn’t work check if it has [] only in ids.json file and try again.


Contact me on discord peak#0001 if you have any issues or anything, or Join discord.gg/brooklyn (Not support server, My main).


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