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  • Most Advanced Multi Tool!
  • Spammer
  • DM Spammer
  • Friend Spammer
  • Reaction Spam
  • WebhookSpammer
  • Typing Spammer
  • VC Spammer
  • Mass DM
  • About / Activity
  • Joiner
  • Leaver
  • TokenChecker
  • Token Onliner
  • HypeSquad Joiner
  • NickName Changer
  • Status Changer
  • Mass Report
  • Server Nuker
  • Account Nuker
  • Token Bruteforcer
  • Token Grabber
  • Group Spammer
  • Tools
  • About
  • Exit


  • Windows 10 / 11
  • Python v3.10.1 or v3.10.2
  • pip installations – (pip install colorama, pip install tqdm, pip install pyperclip, pip install pyinstaller)

– Important:

  • Make sure to have Python 3.10.1 or 3.10.2 before Downloading!


  • Also make sure to have python added to PATH





– Installation:

1st・Installation (Source Code)

git clone
pip installations:

- pip install colorama
- pip install tqdm
- pip install pyperclip
- pip install pyinstaller


2nd・Installation (Source Code Problems)
Download the latest release (
Drag it out to desktop and extract it
type the command in CMD: py
then type the pip installations that it tells you to...

if it keeps crashing here is the solution:
you missed a step or didn't do it correcly, make sure to follow all the pip installations to ensure GANG Multi Tool works!

if this command didnt work: ' pip install -r requirements.txt ' then make sure to do all the pip installations separately!


- pip install discord
- pip install pyinstaller
- pip install colorama
- pip install pyautoui
- pip install requests
- pip install websocket
- pip install pyautogui
- pip install beautifulsoup4
- pip install selenium
- pip install asyncio
- pip install pillow
- pip install discum
- pip install base64
- pip install emoji
- pip install json

[21] Token Grabber Issues (How To Fix)

When opening the .exe file it doesn’t do anything when opening it? this means that you dont have the right pip installations, the main one you should have is pip install pyinstaller + pip install discord making sure you follow all the steps in the given video, if you still need help with making contact me on discord @††#3333!

[1] Joiner not working (How To Fix)

When putting the tokens in token.txt and still not working this means you have tried to many times in that 1 server so the multi tool will stop trying to send the tokens to that server! if you dont have tokens and try do the joiner option it will do nothing – must have tokens for it to work!

[9] Spammer not working (How To Fix)

Spammer is working fine! ensure you have the tokens in token.txt and make sure to do [3] Token Checker to ensure your tokens are ready for attack! <3 Spammer is amazing tool for raiding and disabling big server.

  • Make sure to join my discord and fill free to dm me @††#3333. Thanks for using GANG Multi Tool©
  • Coded / Developed by ††#3333©


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