This is the repository that provide tools to download data, reproduce the baseline results and evaluation.

What can you achieve with this guide

Based on this repository, you may be able to:

  1. download data for benchmark in a unified format.
  2. run all the baselines.
  3. evaluate already trained baseline models.

Install benchmark-related repositories

Start the container:

sudo userdocker run

Clone the repo with:

git clone [email protected]:due-benchmark/baselines.git

Install the requirements:

pip install -e .

1. Download datasets and the base model

The datasets are re-hosted on the and can be downloaded from there. Moreover, since the baselines are finetuned based on the T5 model, you need to download the original model. Again it is re-hosted at Please place it into the due_benchmark_data directory after downloading.

TODO: dopisać resztę

2. Run baseline trainings

2.1 Process datasets into memmaps (binarization)

In order to process datasets into memmaps, set the directory downloaded_data_path to downloaded data, set memmap_directory to a new directory that will store binarized datas, and use the following script:


2.2 Run training script

Single training can be started with the following command, assuming out_dir is set as an output for the trained model’s checkpoints and generated outputs. Additionally, set datas to any of the previously generated datasets (e.g., to DeepForm).

python benchmarker/cli/l5/ \
    --model_name_or_path ${downloaded_data_path}/t5-base \
    --relative_bias_args="[{\"type\":\"1d\"}]" \
    --dropout_rate 0.15 \
    --model_type=t5 \
    --output_dir ${out_dir} \
    --data_dir ${memmap_directory}/${datas}_memmap/train \
    --val_data_dir ${memmap_directory}/${datas}_memmap/dev \
    --test_data_dir ${memmap_directory}/${datas}_memmap/test \
    --gpus 1 \
    --max_epochs 30 \
    --train_batch_size 1 \
    --eval_batch_size 2 \
    --overwrite_output_dir \
    --accumulate_grad_batches 64 \
    --max_source_length 1024 \
    --max_target_length 256 \
    --eval_max_gen_length 16 \
    --learning_rate 2e-4 \
    --lr_scheduler constant \
    --warmup_steps 100 \
    --trim_batches \ 
    --do_train \
    --do_predict \ 
    --additional_data_fields doc_id label_name \
    --early_stopping_patience 20 \
    --segment_levels tokens pages \
    --optimizer adamw \
    --weight_decay 1e-5 \
    --adam_epsilon 1e-8 \
    --num_workers 4 \
    --val_check_interval 1

The models presented in the paper differs only in two places. The first is the choice of --relative_bias_args. T5 uses [{'type': '1d'}] whereas both +2D and +DALL-E use [{'type': '1d'}, {'type': 'horizontal'}, {'type': 'vertical'}]

Moreover +DALL-E had --context_embeddings set to [{'dimension': 1024, 'use_position_bias': False, 'embedding_type': 'discrete_vae', 'pretrained_path': '', 'image_width': 256, 'image_height': 256}]

3. Evaluate

3.1 Convert output to the submission file

In order to compare two files (generated by the model with the provided library and the gold-truth answers), one has to convert the generated output into a format that can be directly compared with documents.jsonl. Please use:

python ${downloaded_data_path} ${out_dir}

3.2 Evaluate reproduced models

Finally outputs can be evaluated using the provided evaluator. First, get back into main directory, where this is placed and install it by cd due_evaluator-master && pip install -r requirement And run:

python due_evaluator --out-files baselines/test_generations.jsonl --reference ${downloaded_data_path}/DeepForm

3.3 Evaluate baseline outputs

We provide an examples of outputs generated by our baseline (DeepForm). They should be processed with:

python benchmarker-code/ ${downloaded_data_path}/model_outputs_example ${downloaded_data_path}
python due_evaluator --out-files ./benchmarker/cli/l5/baselines/test_generations.txt.jsonl --reference ${downloaded_data_path}/DeepForm/test/document.jsonl

The expected output should be:

       Label       F1  Precision   Recall
  advertiser 0.512909   0.513793 0.512027
contract_num 0.778761   0.780142 0.777385
 flight_from 0.794376   0.795775 0.792982
   flight_to 0.804921   0.806338 0.803509
gross_amount 0.355476   0.356115 0.354839
         ALL 0.649771   0.650917 0.648630


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