EasyRequests is a minimalistic HTTP-Request Library that wraps aiohttp and asyncio in a small package that allows for sequential, parallel or even single requests. EasyRequests also supports dispatching each request as daemon (in a seperate thread)


Download the .py file and place it in your project.
As of writing this, there is currently no PyPi download available!


Example usage

from easyrequests import  (Methods, Queue)

def callback(resp):
	print(f"Response received for: {resp.url}")

queue = Queue()

# A bunch of GET Requests
queue.add("https://twitter.com/", callback)
queue.add("https://facebook.com/", callback)
queue.add("https://google.com/", callback)
queue.add("https://aol.com/", callback)
queue.add("https://gmail.com/", callback)

# You can also specify the Method, in this case "POST"
	      data={"Hello":  "World"})

# clear -> After finishing, clear the queue
# background -> run as daemon or not
queue.runparallel(clear=True, background=True)

# If we don't do this, an exception will be thrown if the interpreter reaches the end of the file!
# We only need to use this if the task is run as daemon

We can also do sequential requests by using the function runsequential() instead of runparallel().

EasyRequests also supports making single requests, without using a queue.

from easyrequests import  (Methods, Queue)

def callback(resp):
	print(f"Response received for: {resp.url}")


Please note

I created this library for personal use! If you encounter any problems, feel free to open an issue, though if I don't see the need to develop this further, I will abandon the project! Use at your own risk!

GitHub - AVISIX/EasyRequests at pythonawesome.com
A minimalistic http-request library that allows for parallel, sequential or singular requests, with support for running the dispatcher as daemon. - GitHub - AVISIX/EasyRequests at pythonawesome.com