Can a machine learning project be implemented to estimate the salaries of baseball players whose salary information and career statistics for 1986 are shared?


  • This dataset was originally taken from the StatLib library at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • This is part of the data that was used in the 1988 ASA Graphics Section Poster Session.
  • The salary data were originally from Sports Illustrated, April 20, 1987.
  • The 1986 and career statistics were obtained from The 1987 Baseball Encyclopedia Update published by Collier Books, Macmillan Publishing Company, New York.

A data frame with 322 observations of major league players on the following 20 variables.

  • AtBat: Number of times at bat in 1986-1987 season
  • Hits: Number of hits in 1986-1987 season
  • HmRun: Number of home runs in 1986-1987 season
  • Runs: Number of runs in 1986-1987 season
  • RBI: Number of runs batted in 1986-1987 season
  • Walks: Number of walks in 1986-1987 season
  • Years: Number of years in the major leagues
  • CAtBat: Number of times at bat during his career
  • CHits: Number of hits during his career
  • CHmRun: Number of home runs during his career
  • CRuns: Number of runs during his career
  • CRBI: Number of runs batted in during his career
  • CWalks: Number of walks during his career
  • League: A factor with levels A and N indicating player’s league at the end of 1986
  • Division: A factor with levels E and W indicating player’s division at the end of 1986
  • PutOuts: Number of put outs in 1986-1987 season
  • Assists: Number of assists in 1986-1987 season
  • Errors: Number of errors in 1986-1987 season
  • Salary: 1996-1987 annual salary on opening day in thousands of dollars
  • NewLeague: A factor with levels A and N indicating player’s league at the beginning of 1987


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