For facebook hacking(bruteforcing), using gui

#to use this tool on android, do the following on termux.

*. apt update

*. apt upgrade

*. apt install wget

*. wget https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/nethunter/build-scripts/kali-nethunter-project/raw/master/nethunter-rootless/install-nethunter-termux

*. chmod +x install-nethunter-termux

*. ./install-nethunter-termux

(After that wait sometimes and if it ask for any kind of permision then give it.)

After completing setting up


*. nh kex (first time it must be ask for set password, just set a new password )

Note: if “nh kex” show “no matching vncserver” and doesnot start, Then simply search the solution on youtube.

Now download vncserver Open it Start Set address ( (sometimes 5901 must be 5902) And fill any name and start

And boom your desktop created|

Now open terminal there

And clone our tool by

*. git clone https://github.com/nepalese-noob/facebrute

cd facebrute

*. sudo easy_install pip

*. sudo pip install pillow

*. sudo apt-get install python3-tk

python3 hack.py
python hack.py


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