HW 02 for CS40 – matplotlib practice

project instructions https://github.com/mikeizbicki/cmc-csci040/tree/2021fall/hw_02

Drake Lyric Analysis Bar Chart

In this bar chart, I used a data set from Juico Bowley on Kaggle that has Drake’s entire discography. After consulting someone who is actually a Drake fan, I then counted how many times certain words appeared in songs in his discography (specifically, “baby”, “drake”, “girl”, “man”, “money”, “shawty”, “what”, and “yeah”). For “shawty” and “yeah”, I accounted for different spellings: “shawty” included both “shawty” and “shorty”, and “yeah” included “yeah”, “ya”, “yea”. The bar chart shows how often each of these words appear in Drake’s entire discography.

drake chart

Taylor Swift Song Analysis Line Plot

In this line plot, I used a data set from Irenetrampoline on Github that has Taylor Swift’s discography up until roughly 2014. This was a more limited data set than the Drake dataset, so I ended up looking simply at the amount of songs released each year from 2006-2014. People always say that Taylor Swift only writes about love, so I compared the total songs written to the amount of songs which mentioned the word “love”. This line plot compares the amount of songs Taylor released from 2006-2014 overall, to how many of those songs included the word “love”.

taylor plot


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