Receiving dataframe statistics with one command

Project description

A python package for Data Scientists, Students, ML Engineers and anyone who wants dataframe meta data without the trouble of having to type in numerous commands.


Use pip to install quick-eda by typing or copying the following command.

pip install quick-eda


This package is licensed under BSD Clause 3.

Example usage

Users of the package can import the individual modules from this package, for example:

import quick_eda.df_eda
import quick_eda.column_eda

This loads the submodules quick_eda.df_eda and quick_eda.column_eda. They must be referenced with their full name.


An alternative way of importing the submodules is:

from quick_eda import df_eda
from quick_eda import column_eda

This also loads the submodules quick_eda.df_eda and quick_eda.column_eda, and makes them available without their prefix, so they can be used as follows:


Yet another variation is to import the desired functions directly:

from quick_eda.df_eda import df_eda
from quick_eda.column_eda import column_eda

Again, this loads the submodules, but makes them directly available:


Imagine you have a dataframe called pets with the columns name, age and color. You could then run statistics on both the entire dataframe or e.g. the column age with

column_eda(pets, "age")

Source code & further information

The source code is maintained at https://github.com/sveneschlbeck/quick_eda
There are also further information concerning the BSD license model, contributing guidelines and more...

GitHub - sveneschlbeck/quick_eda at pythonawesome.com
Important dataframe statistics with a single command - GitHub - sveneschlbeck/quick_eda at pythonawesome.com