This repository contains the tool available via pip to install and manage multiple versions of radare2 and its plugins.

r2-tools doesn't conflict with r2pm in the sense that it's not going to support all the packages and plugins and it's

r2env supports source and binary packages.


  • r2env should be self contained

Some tools may be used if installed in the system, making some packages available, but we may try to use python-version if possible, so it don't depend on system packages.

Package description

INI, JSON or python class, loaded at runtime, but it is k=v stuff


  • install / uninstall
  • link / unlink
  • update - pip install -U r2env
  • upgrade - upgrade r2 and all the deps in sync

How to install

r2env is available via PIP. (pip install r2env)

To build + install from source just run: make


First of all you may want to initialize the .r2env directory somewhere with cd .. ; r2env init.

Listing available packages is done via r2env list.

Source packages are managed with the add, rm, use and unused.

For example: Installing radare2 (assumes @git version)

cd /tmp
r2env init
r2env add radare2
r2env use radare2@git
r2env shell r2 -v

r2pm vs r2env

r2env aims to provide a packaging for r2 with support for binary packages and for all major platforms.

r2pm focus on providing more packages, it's written in shellscript, so it doesnt run on windows and requires r2 to work.

Therefor r2env is kind of nvm from nodejs or pyenv from python. A way to run multiple different versions of r2 in the system.