nwwatch – Monitor the New World queue and notify when it is about to finish

Getting Started

  1. install python 3.7+

  2. navigate to the directory where you unzipped / cloned this script to

  3. open a command prompt in that directory, install requirements using pip3 install -r requirements.txt (if this doesn’t work, try python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt)

  4. edit config.py to enable/disable the notification plugins you want (see PLUGIN SETTINGS and PLUGIN SPECIFIC VARIABLES sections)

  5. start New World

  6. run the script using python .\nwwatch.py (on some systems you may need to use python3). Events enabled within config.py will automatically trigger when the queue threshold (defined in config.py) is met

Once you’ve done initial setup, you can jump straight to Step 5 going forward.

Want to test your notifications? Set “TEST_MODE” to True in the config.py file. A notification will be triggered as soon as the script starts


New World creates a Game.log each time you start the game. Queue progress is logged to this file. nwwatch monitors the status of the queue, as recorded in the logfile, and triggers notification events as a result.


What notification types are supported

  • Out of the box nwwatch supports the following notification types:

  • Additional notification types can be implemented by adding extra python code to notifier.py. Nwwatch will automatically instantiate and call the notify() method on all subclasses of the Notifier class defined within this file.

class NotifyByMyDesiredMethod(Notifier):
     def notify(self):
       [Put your custom python code here]

What languages are supported

  • English only at the moment. It should be reasonably easy to adapt for other languages by updating the NW_SEARCH_REGEX parameter in config.py.

Is use of this script allowed by Amazon Games?

  • The script does not make any modifications to New World files (it simply reads the game logfile) so you should be fine. However you run this at your own risk.

I need more help?

  • Try the Wiki for a sample config.py

Example Screenshots

Enabling/Disabling Plugins via config.py (remember to populate the entries under ‘Plugin Specific Variables’ too)


Log Monitoring


Example Notification (Discord)


Example Notification (SMS, Pushover)