Automagica is an open source Smart Robotic Process Automation (SRPA) platform. With Automagica, automating cross-platform processes becomes a breeze. With this open source library we want to provide a comprehensive and consistent wrapper around known and lesser known automation libraries .

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Getting started


  1. Python 3.7 from

Installation instructions

Install Automagica on the bot host machine:

pip install

Importing the activities

Before getting started, don't forget to import the activities from automagica in your python script. If unsure, it is possible to import all the activities for development purposes by starting your script with:

from automagica import *


Automagica officially supports Windows 10. Linux and MacOS are not officially supported.


Browser working with Excel:


SAP Automation (Production example, sensitive information is blurred):


Folder and File manipulation


Example code

This is a simple example that opens Notepad and types 'Hello world!'.

Type(text='notepad', interval_seconds=0)
Type(text='Hello world!', interval_seconds=0.15)

This is a simple example that opens Chrome and goes to

browser = ChromeBrowser()

For more info and examples see the documentation.

Running the other examples

Running the examples is easy:

cd examples
cd <example-name>
automagica -f

Optional (to enable Optical Character Recognition)

For Windows, install Tesseract 4 from here.

For Linux (Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr

For MacOS:

brw install tesseract


As a safety feature, a failsafe mechanism is enabled by default. You can trigger this by moving your mouse to the upper left corner of the screen. You can disable this by running the following command in the editor:


Automagica with Natural Language

Wouldn't it be cool if we could write Robotic Process Automation scripts in plain ol' English rather than the already easy Python scripting language? Well it's possible with Automagica! We have cooked up a more human-friendly interface to get started with automation!

How it works

Natural language for Automagica (.nla) looks like this:

open the browser
navigate to
search for oranges

Try it yourself

A key is included, so you can get a headstart!

Install (in addition to the above) the following required package:

pip install

Then install Natural Language for Automagica:

git clone
cd natural-language-automagica
pip install .

Then you can get started by running the examples:

cd examples
nla google.nla
nla wikipedia.nla
nla youtube.nla

We are quickly expanding the Natural Language Understanding features of this part of Automagica to make automation accessible to all!

Important notes

For the Type-function to work, you need to set the "United States-International" keyboard layout on your system. If the keyboard layout is not available, outcomes of the function might be different.