A python program that allows you to put in an excel table followers and/or following of an aimed account, with detailed infos on them (see further).

Very useful for OSINT on instagram accounts to determine a social circle of an aimed account.
It is an alternative to Export List of Followers from Instagram, that has been zucced.

Here is the result for the accounts followed by instagram :


#via pypi
pip install sterraxcyl

#via github
git clone https://github.com/novitae/sterraxcyl
cd sterraxcyl
python setup.py install


At the first launch, the program will ask for some valid instagram credential.

Simple usage :

sterra -u username -t (followers - following - both)
#sterra or sterraxcyl can be both used to invoke the program

The time here have been edited, it takes longer to retrieve all infos.

Detailed usage : sterraxcyl [-h] [-a] [-d D] [-p P] -t T -u U

  -h, --help          #show help message and exit
  -a, --all-infos     #will write down the account extra informations that the program originaly ignores (see further)
  -d D, --delay D     #delay in seconds between detailed infos requests (by default 0)
  -p P, --path P      #folder path where files will be exported and the credentials stored (by default in "sterraxcyl/")
  -t T, --target T    #what do you want to export ("followers", "following" or "both")
  -u U, --username U  #the instagram username of the aimed account
 #MORE TO BE ADDED SOON (tor usage for long lists, csv format, quick report ... feel free to send me ideas (contact on my github profile))

The program isn’t very fast, espacially for long lists (~ 20 min for 1000 followers).
But it has never been blocked by instagram servers, the longer list extracted was of 1400 followers.
Slowly but surely as we say.

What infos are exported ?

By defaut :

  • ID
  • Username
  • FullName
  • Page Link
  • Biography
  • IsPrivate
  • Followers Count
  • Following Count
  • Posts Count
  • External Link
  • IsBusiness
  • IsProfessional
  • IsVerified.

Using option --all-infos will not make additional requests, and will add all of these infos :

  • Business Adress
  • Business Category
  • Business Contact Method
  • Business Email
  • Business Phone Number
  • Connected Facebook Page
  • Mutual Followed By Count
  • Facebook ID
  • Has Effects
  • Has Channel
  • Has Clips
  • Has Guide
  • Hide Like and View Count
  • Has joined Recently

How it works ?

Since the program will ask for your instagram credentials, here is a scheme that describes how the program works so you can see where these credentials are going.

                                                           if the file doesn't exists, creates it,
                                                           then ask for username and password, and
      loads the credentials from "identifiants.json" --->  then loads the credentials
      /                                           |               |
sterra --> writes the args and headers         logs in with requests, then retrieve the
           in a list that follows all          session cookies, and save it for further
           the program ("instructions")        in the list "instructions"
    check what list is aimed ;      <--- logs in with instaloader module
    if both, retrieve followers
    list, then following list. --------------> excel file is created, and the head of the columns written.
    if followers / following,
    retrieve the aimed list.   ---> every username of the followers / following list is put
                                    in https://www.instagram.com/{username}/channel/?__a=1,
                                    a request is sent with the cookies retrieved before,
                                    and the response is converted to json.
        the aimed infos contained in        the list is sent to the excel file, and
        the json are then extracted    ---> each infos contained in the list are
        and placed in a list.               written in their specific column.

don’t hesistate to contact me if you have idea of things to add to this program ! discord aet#8014 twitter meakaaet