Live pyqtgraph plot

Pglive package adds support for thread-safe live plotting to pyqtgraph.
It supports PyQt5 and PyQt6.


By default, pyqtgraph doesn’t support live plotting.
Aim of this package is to provide easy implementation of Line, Scatter and Bar Live plot.
Every plot is connected with it’s DataConnector, which sole purpose is to consume data points and manage data re-plotting.
DataConnector interface provides Pause and Resume method, update rate and maximum number of plotted points.
Each time data point is collected, call DataConnector.cb_set_data or DataConnector.cb_append_data_point callback.
That’s all You need to update plot with new data.
Callbacks are Thread safe, so it works nicely in applications with multiple data collection Threads.

Focus on data collection and leave plotting to pglive.

To make firsts steps easy, package comes with many examples implemented in PyQt5 or PyQt6.

Code examples

import sys
from math import sin
from threading import Thread
from time import sleep

from PyQt6.QtWidgets import QApplication

from pglive.sources.data_connector import DataConnector
from pglive.sources.live_plot import LiveLinePlot
from pglive.sources.live_plot_widget import LivePlotWidget

In this example Line plot is displayed.
app = QApplication(sys.argv)
running = True

plot_widget = LivePlotWidget(title="Line Plot @ 100Hz")
plot_curve = LiveLinePlot()
# DataConnector holding 600 points and plots @ 100Hz
data_connector = DataConnector(plot_curve, max_points=600, update_rate=100)

def sin_wave_generator(connector):
    """Sinus wave generator"""
    x = 0
    while running:
        x += 1
        data_point = sin(x * 0.01)
        # Callback to plot new data point
        connector.cb_append_data_point(data_point, x)

Thread(target=sin_wave_generator, args=(data_connector,)).start()
running = False


Plot example

To run built-in examples, use python3 -m parameter like:
python3 -m pglive.examples_pyqt6.all_plot_types
python3 -m pglive.examples_pyqt6.crosshair


Pglive comes with built-in Crosshair as well.


Available plot types

Pglive supports four plot types: LiveLinePlot, LiveScatterPlot, LiveHBarPlot (horizontal bar plot) and LiveVBarPlot (vertical bar plot).

All plot types


  • With Pglive You’ve got easy Thread-safe implementation of fast Live plots.
  • You can use all kwargs specified in pyqtgraph
  • Focus on Data Collection, not Data Plotting


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