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How to use ?:

  1. You just have to paste the url in the ENTER THE SUSPECTED URL section and SELECT THE RESEMBELING SITE it resembles or it is supposed to be and click on START SCAN and it will let you know it is a phishing site or not.


  1. You can manually add phishing sites in /reports, click on add button to manually add phishing site.


  1. You can go to CONTRIBUTE section and click on reports to see the list of all the phishing urls saved from the scans and manual add.


  1. Report the phishing sites by clicking on the report button.


PhishBuster API

Send a POST request to PhishBuster Site and add suspected link, add the site it is trying to refer to, your country and to store the website URL if it is found to be a phishing site.

NOTE: You can use the following file and send API request to the site.


  1. Set check-url to the input url, org-url to original domain, country to your country and store to save the site in reports if it is phishing site.
  2. You can run python to use the PhishBuster API.
  3. You will receive a json output with 5 fields check-url, Original Url, Phishing Site (boolean output), country and save-scan-data.

Aim of the project is to reduce phishing victims. ?