PIP Manager written in python tkinter.

Available Features

  • Installing packages
  • Upgrading packages (Installing if they are not already)
  • Uninstalling packages
  • Upgrading pip
  • Test Importing. (If the module is not on your machine it will auto download.)
  • If you want to hide the console click on "hide console" in the left hand corner. To unhide just uncheck the box
  • NEW: will build a txt file named logs.txt and log Installed, Uninstalled and Updated modules
  • NEW: Will build a PIP_Manager_startup.bat to allow users to copy and past in the Desktop
  • NEW: Ctrl+q will quit the app.
  • NEW: Ctrl-Shit+w will wipe all logs.

This app will not open with a console nore will it show a console while Installing, upgrading or uninstalling. It will show errors if one occurs. example: No Module Named 'module'