Python classes with types validation at runtime. (Experimental & Under Development)


You can install this library using Python's favorite, pip package manager.

pip install -U typedclasses

How it works

Using typedclasses, you can create classes in dataclasses-like manner i.e using type annotations and library will enforce types for
that class at runtime. Here's an example:

import typing
from typedclasses import TypedClass

class User(TypedClass):
  id: int
  name: str
  email: typing.Optional[str] = None

Parameters will be validated when initialising above class. Since email has a default value set, It is optional to pass
it as a parameter while instansiating:

>>> User(id=1, name="foobar") # runs fine
>>> User(id="1", name="foobar")
TypeError: Parameter 'id' must be an instance of <class 'int'>, <class 'str'> is unsupported.

This library also provides validation for various generic types from typing module:

class Foo(TypedClass):
  x: typing.Union[str, int]

Foo(x="a") # ok
Foo(x=1) # ok
Foo(x=True) # invalid

List of all types supported from typing module can be found in the documentation.


You can contribute to the library in two ways:

  • Directly contributing to code using pull requests.
  • Suggest features or report bugs via issues.

We welcome all contributions! ?

When using issues, Please be descriptive about your issue and for pull requests, Try to be consistent with current design.

GitHub - nerdguyahmad/typedclasses at pythonawesome.com
Python classes with types validation at runtime. Contribute to nerdguyahmad/typedclasses development by creating an account on GitHub.