Python code to generate and store certificates automatically , using names from a csv file


In order to make the code work you must have a folder named cert_save_folder in the same folder as the main python code.

Steps for contributing

  1. Look out for changes you think would help in the bettering the experience of the user, improve the code base, add documentation wherever neccessary
  2. If you find some issues you can report them.
  3. You can make pull requests.
  4. Look out for issues marked with the Hakctober tag to make your contribution count for the hacktoberfest 2021.


GitHub - GDSC-IIIT-Kalyani/WOC-certificate-generator-Hactoberfest2021: An automatic certificate generator
An automatic certificate generator. Contribute to GDSC-IIIT-Kalyani/WOC-certificate-generator-Hactoberfest2021 development by creating an account on GitHub.