Flyable - A python compiler for highly performant code

Flyable is a Python compiler that generates efficient native code. It uses different techniques and aggressive optimizations to make sure your code runs the way you want: the fastest way possible. It also relies on CPython to make sure that all your favorite libraries are still available and fully functional.

Flyable is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 .



How does it get faster ?

Flyable does multiple things to generate efficient code but most of the performance gains come from the following:

  • Native execution of the code
  • Static function dispatch (enabling direct call and efficient inlining)
  • Type tracking (When possible)
  • Function specialization depending on the signature but also on the usage

Supported platforms

Flyable only generates code for Windows 64 bits x86 for now. It will quickly be extended to Linux and Mac.

How to use it ?

For now, Flyable is only available as a module that reads a Python file and outputs an object file. To run the output, the object file must be linked with any python39.lib file available in your Python installation. To run a Flyable made executable, it is required to have an active CPython installation setup on the machine.

Flyable is still in an early stage. We do not recommend full-scale usage at the moment.


Our current efforts are primarily focused on stabilizing the compiler to support most Python syntax and optimize the most common Python use cases.