Zippyshare downloader and Links Extractor

Python script to automatically download from Zippyshare using Selenium package and Internet Download Manager.

Download IDM from here for downloading multiple files.

  1. Run the script after checking the Requirements preferrably in a virtual env.

    See features for usage examples.

  2. The Links will be saved in a text file which can then be imported to idm from:

    Tasks>Import>from text file

  3. Other option is set the START_DOWNLOADING variable to 1 in the config file which will start downloading instantly. (Useful for less Links)

  4. See the config file here for more configurable options.


  • Platform - Windows only.

  • Chrome Browser.

  • Chromedriver(Included).

  • IDM

    Not required for running the script.(Only For Downloading Links afterwards)

  • Python >= v3.6

  • Install requirements yourself by running the following commands from powershell:

    git clone
    cd zippyshare-dl
    pip install virtualenv
    python -m venv env
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Or simply Install via the install.ps1 script after cloning/downloading the repositary.


  • Supported formats:

    • .txt
    • .dlc
    • Filecrypt Links
    • Pass any web link directly in arguments or input or through a file.
  • Parse from a Single File or Multiple Files.


    1. python test.txt
    2. python
    3. python test.dlc test2.txt Links/test3.txt
    4. python Pass empty for adding the files later or for Automatic picking of Files.
  • Directly parse from filecrypt links.(Only those links without recaptcha)

  • Automatically get recently created(within last 24 hours) .dlc and .txt files from certain folders.

  • Duplicate check to see if file is already parsed.

  • Automatically Update chromedriver if out of date.

  • Support for Links, for directly clicking Download button.

  • Skips Empty or Invalid Lines in the File.

  • Summary after completion.

  • Open Links in new tab in the browser if unsupported Link.

  • Retry Links if unable to Load website.