Quantum version of the game Tic Tac Toe.

This game was inspired by the game at this site.


The game requires the qiskit python library, which can be installed using pip.

About the game

The special quantum feature added on top of the classical game is a possibility of making a move (writing x or o) which is a superposition over two cells, instead of choosing one cell. That is, upon playing a move, the piece can be “spread” in superposition across two cells – upon measurement the piece will collapse into one of the cells with probability 50%. The measurement of the grid is performed each time the grid is full (each cell is either occupied by x or o, or the cell is in superposition).


Players x and o play in turn, starting with x. Upon the move each player can choose one of the two options: making a classical move (choosing one cell) or a quantum move (choosing a superposition of two cells). The cells are indexed from 0 to 8, and the move has to be in format ‘a’ or ‘a,b’, where 0 <= a,b <= 8, and a != b. Once the grid is full, each superposition is collapsed, filling in one of the two possible cells. The winning criteria are the same as in the classical game.


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