PogRater ?

Rates how pogchamp a word is ?

A fun project coded by JBYT27 using Python3

Have you ever wondered how pog a word is?

Well, congrats, you can do that just here!!

This project basically identifies the word you input, sends the data back to python, does some stuff with it to make some data about how pog it is, sends it back to HTML, and then BAM! There you have it, a legendary pograter ?

This project currently is very biased and does not use an API for data. However, I am planning on using a local API to get the data soon ?


  • @VulcanWM – they helped with testing some errors and reporting errors.
  • My History teacher – they helped give the idea of making this during the lesson ?


Please leave suggestions, as there could be a dozen things I could improve on but im lazy lol! I also may add a dark and light mode, but I haven’t yet. If you want, you can leave ur favorite pog word in the comments lol.


I hope you enjoy using this! Show this to ur friends, and show off ur pog words to them ?


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