This repo contains data, contraction code, and contraction order for the paper
”Solving the sampling problem of the Sycamore quantum supremacy circuits”

We provide demo code for reproducing the results in the paper, if you have enough GPUs 🙂


  1. pytorch version greater than 1.7.0
  2. A GPU with 32G memory or larger


  • Unzip the src/scheme.tar.gz to get the contraction scheme file,
  • Run the demo code to obtain a result of one complete subtask using

python src/ -cuda 0 -get_time

If the running time is too long, add argument -subtask_num 10 to run 10 out of 64 head subroutines and 10 out of 128 tail subroutines. The arguments task_start, task_end, and task_num are used to control the overall number of subtasks in one run.

The samples obtained in the paper are stored in samples.tar.gz, which contains $2^{20}$ bitstrings.

Notice that the first 8 edges in contraction_scheme['slicing_edges_loop'] and their companion edges compose the drilling holes in the article.


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