demo : downloader_star_bot

Run :

  • Docker :

    install docker , docker-compose

    set Environment or edit Config/

    docker-compose up

  • Heroku :


    git clone

    edit Config/

    heroku create or heroku git:remote -a appname

    git push heroku master

  • Cli :

    install python3.8+

    git clone

    set Environment or edit Config/

    pip install -r requirements.txt

    run web : gunicorn main:main --workers 4 --threads 4 --bind$PORT --timeout 86400 --worker-class aiohttp.GunicornWebWorker

    run bot : python -m bot

    run web and bot : ./start

Environment :

env description Example
api_id api_id Telegram to develop a robot to receive 12345
api_hash api_hash Telegram to develop a robot to receive 21ab7cb0a453b5e60016dc7bbeb701cb
channel_files_chat_id Telegram channel chat ID for storing and managing files -10012345466
channel_username Telegram channel username for support Userlandapp
token Telegram robot token for launch 0000000:AAFFMMgYoL9Vjb5KUU0bXxVReUI81xuU
domain application domain

Management guide:

If a file is deleted from the storage channel, the link will expire
If a file is replayed in the storage channel and a message is sent, that message will be sent to the sender of the file
If a file is edited in the storage channel and replaced by another file, the link will download the new file
If a user is blocked from the support channel, he can no longer use the robot


btc: bc1qzw6l9a43f26epyme0yskz2zqzd7fppjnumnfv8

trc20: TJRA6PZoNZP5shdeJVLvGfEqWR7X4kXfuW

bep20, erc20: 0x8B988133D96150a3324D0BE8124A65fB6A09612C


GitHub - musa-42/stream-cloud at
Robot to convert files to direct links, hosting files on Telegram servers, unlimited and without restrictions - GitHub - musa-42/stream-cloud at