Safe Policy Optimization with Local Feature (SPO-LF)

This is the source-code for implementing the algorithms in the paper “Safe Policy Optimization with Local Generalized Linear Function Approximations” which was presented in NeurIPS-21.


There is requirements.txt in this repository. Except for the common modules (e.g., numpy, scipy), our source code depends on the following modules.

We also provide Dockerfile in this repository, which can be used for reproducing our grid-world experiment.

Simulation configuration

We manage the simulation configuration using hydra. Configurations are listed in config.yaml. For example, the algorithm to run should be chosen from the ones we implemented:

sim_type: {safe_glm, unsafe_glm, random, oracle, safe_gp_state, safe_gp_feature, safe_glm_stepwise}

Grid World Experiment

The source code necessary for our grid-world experiment is contained in /grid_world folder. To run the simulation, for example, use the following commands.

cd grid_world
python sim_type=safe_glm env.reuse_env=False

For the monte carlo simulation while comparing our proposed method with baselines, use the shell file,

We also provide a script for visualization. If you want to render how the agent behaves, use the following command.

python sim_type=safe_glm env.reuse_env=True

Safety-Gym Experiment

The source code necessary for our safety-gym experiment is contained in /safety_gym_discrete folder. Our experiment is based on safety-gym. Our proposed method utilize dynamic programming algorithms to solve Bellman Equation, so we modified to discrtize the environment. We attach modified safety-gym source code in /safety_gym_discrete/ To use the modified library, please clone safety-gym, then replace safety-gym/safety_gym/envs/ using /safety_gym_discrete/ in our repo. Using the following commands to install the modified library:

cd safety_gym
pip install -e .

Note that MuJoCo licence is needed for installing Safety-Gym. To run the simulation, use the folowing commands.

cd safety_gym_discrete
python sim_idx=0

We compare our proposed method with three notable baselines: CPO, PPO-Lagrangian, and TRPO-Lagrangian. The baseline implementation depends on . We modified in the repo source code.

To run the baseline, use the folowing commands.

cd safety_gym_discrete/baseline
python sim_type=cpo

The environment that agent runs on is generated using We provide 10 50*50 environments. If you want to generate other environments, you can change the world shape in, and running the following commands:

cd safety_gym_discrete


If you find this code useful in your research, please consider citing:

  Author = {Wachi, Akifumi and Wei, Yunyue and Sui, Yanan},
  Title = {Safe Policy Optimization with Local Generalized Linear Function Approximations},
  Booktitle  = {Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)},
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